My Playground

When I was at GDA, we had a great playground to play in. It was so much fun! We had lots of things to climb over, run through, and slide under. My brothers and sisters and I had lots of fun in our wonderful playground!


************************************************************************************* When I got to PupMom’s house, guess what I saw?! A beautiful playground with tunnels, slides, and even a pool…JUST FOR ME!!!




IMG_7120I love my playground, but it isn’t as much fun when I have to play all alone. PupMom plays with me, but she won’t go through the tunnels or down the slides with me — go figure!

One day she said, “Sully is going to come play with you!” and she brought over… GUESS WHAT! YEAH! YAHOO! … A PUPPY!!!!!!!DSC_7776

Now my playground is complete! Sully and I get to play together almost every day!                  Sully is my very bestest buddy pal ever!


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