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I am PupMom. I am raising Edison, puppy #21 for Guide Dogs of America.

I started raising GDA puppies about 30 years ago when I was a resource teacher for visually impaired elementary students. Quixote, my first puppy was a class project. My students had to research GDA and Louis Braille. They wrote a presentation that they gave to other classes on campus. Entrance fee to the presentation was a bag of aluminum cans. At Quixote’s turn-in to GDA, we were able to donate $250 for his training! 

After raising one puppy, I was hooked!

I just kept getting puppies and am now on puppy #21! 

My Dogs:

Quixote     Keller    Faroe     Max     Vann     Gordon     Lali     Lindy     Levi     Carmine     Branson     McGyver     Baker     Kirken     Perkins     Giro     Conlan     Thompson     Pawdrik     Glenn   EDISON!