Puppy Kindergarten

When I went to live with PupMom, I wondered if I would ever see my brothers and sisters again. It made me kinda sad.

IMG_7089 2.jpg

But GUESS WHAT!!! I got to see some of them again right away! 

After we had been together for a few days, PupMom said, “Come on, Edison! Time to go to school!”

What?! School?! What is ‘school”?

“I think you’re going to LOVE Puppy Kindergarten!”

OH, WOW!!! When we got to Puppy Kindergarten, I saw two of my brothers Ellery, and Ellis, and my sister Erin!!!!!

IMG_7092We were so excited to see each other! Our pupmoms tried to take a group photo, but we had a hard time sitting still … I think PupMom was right-