An Amazing Day

June 2, 2017

One Friday morning, my brothers and sisters and I woke to a beautiful new day. It seemed like any other beautiful day, but little did we know that it would be one of the most important days of our lives! Today was the day we would meet our new PupMoms and PupDads!


First thing, we all got a bath (Yuck! I wasn’t even dirty!) We knew something special was going to happen ’cause all the people were hurrying around, laughing, smiling, and talking fast! Then they would look at each of us and check a paper on an important-looking clipboard.

Next thing we know, one of us is picked up and carried outside! Where were they going?!

Then – – – – OHHHHH! There goes another one! This went on until only a few of us were left—

Then – – – –  OHHHHH! Someone came and picked up . . . . . ME!!!!!

We went out into the warm sunshine and I saw a crowd of people – – – – everyone was smiling and – – – – WAIT! – – – – what is that in that boy’s arms?! HEY!!! It’s my sister! Gee, she sure looks happy!


Then I heard my name called out and a lady came out of the crowd and put a collar around my neck.

“Hello, my sweet Baby Edison, I’m going to be your PupMom! We’re going to have lots of fun learning new things together!”

So that’s what this was all about! We puppies were so happy and excited! We wiggled and waggled and tried to kiss everyone who petted us! I got to see all my brothers and sisters and meet their new families!

There were lots of pix taken and then we left one by one with our new families; tired, but happy, too, and headed off to our new homes and the start of a new, glorious adventure!


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