I Love My Puppysitters!

Sometimes PupMom goes on vacations. She goes on “people” vacations to places like Zion, Mammoth,and Yosemite. I get to go on vacations, too, but they are “puppy” vacations! I get to go to my Auntie Susan’s and Auntie Sam’s house! 

PupMom says she has lots of fun on her vacations, but I don’t think she has as much fun as I do!


I get to play with my friends Carly, Boomer, and Tiffany

They even share their toys with me!

Oops! Maybe this isn’t supposed to be a toy!

My bestest buddy Boomer even shares his food bowl with me!


Susan and Sam take me lots of places and teach me lots of things!

But the VERY BESTEST thing they taught me was how to

SWIM! And here is how it all happened!


Susan and Sam have this big water thing in their backyard. I like to look at it, but I don’t really know what it’s for! I think it’s kind of scary! What if I fall in??!! 

One day, Sam said, “Edison, I think it’s time you learned how to swim!”

And here’s what happened….





Swimming was sooooo much fun! Now I want to do it every day!


Special Moments With My Puppysitter Pals