Hiking Trails

After we walk through the park, we get to walk on a hilly horse trail. PupMom lets me go on a REALLY long leash so I can run and sniff and pick up sticks.

IMG_0466When we see other dogs and people, PupMom calls out “Edison, Come!” and I run back to her left side and sit quietly while the dogs and people walk past. She says how proud she is of me and the people usually stop, pet me, and say, “What a good puppy you are!” Then I just wiggle-waggle with happiness!

The trail is great! It goes up and down! At first poor ol’ PupMom couldn’t walk very far so we had to turn back in a really short time. I could have still run and run and run, but I have to take care of my PupMom, so I always went back with her.

Each week we go farther and farther.

This was our first goal!IMG_0554

We finally made it!!

Wait! What’s  that on the other side?! Oh, well, guess we still have goals to set!